Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Too Many Containers and Not Enough Lids!!!

Did anyone catch the Modern Family season premiere? In this particular episode Claire asked her husband Phil why they had so many containers and not enough lids for them? I busted out laughing because that is me almost every Sunday as I’m prepping my meals for the week.

Tenecia: “Where the hell are all the Ziploc containers?!?!”
Tom: “Did you look in the cupboard?”
Tenecia: “Really?!?! You’re seriously going to ask me that?!?! YES, I looked in the cupboard!”
*walks to cupboard and opens it up*
Tenecia: “Umm..ok…I looked again….I found 4 four containers and only 2 lids. Why do we have containers but no lids?!?!? This is some bullshit!!”
Tom then gives me his “You’re completely ridiculous and a Drama Queen” look and walks away.

There you have it…it’s like the movie Groundhog Day every Sunday….I don’t really look before I start complaining…then when I open my eyes and shut my mouth, containers magically appear yet the lids continue to hide from me! LOL!!

But I would be a liar if I said I could live without my Ziploc containers. In fact, I have next Monday off and guess who was planning on making a special trip to Costco specifically for containers! Actually, that’s not true. I’m going to stock up on a ridiculous amount of salmon and chicken breast...whoop whoop! Now guess what was waiting from me when I came home from work today??? A package of containers with pink lids to support breast cancer awareness month - thumbs up to Ziploc for supporting a great cause and thumbs up to my hubby for hookin' me up :)

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