Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mom Duty!

Guess who's a proud momma today??? Yeppers - ME!!! Actually, I'm a proud momma every day but today is extra special. Why, you ask? Today was Parent/Teacher Conference at my daughter's school. Of course, conferences are during the work day and I had to ask for time off but let me be honest, sometimes I would rather be in a 4th grade classroom sitting on a mini-chair as oppposed to being in the office :) Luckily for me, my current supervisor understands that being a mom is my number one priority and I will request time off as needed for school-related things.

Anywoo, my daughter is considered "special needs" (umm....hello....what child doesn't have special needs...but that's a topic for another day) and has really been working hard at being independent and walking on her own (she utilizes a wheelchair for long distances). Her teacher, Tom, and I have really been working hard as a team to support her independence and my Princess is coming into her own! Her teacher was very informative about what her strengths are and what skills she needs to improve on. Her report had A's and B's with 0 days tardy and 0 days absent (which I'm most proud of - no staying home & missing school!!).
Today was just a reminder of what's important in my life. Yes, I've enjoyed taking the time this year to improve my body and fulfill a personal goal but being a mom is the most important job I possess. So there you have cheesy grin is for my Princess and her hard work....gotta luv it!!

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