Sunday, October 10, 2010

Miley Cyrus??? What the...?!?!?

When doing my cardio, I often zone out and don't really pay attention to the songs that are playing on my ipod. Today was no different...I was about 40 minutes in when I realized that the song I was listening to really spoke to the way I felt about prep at the given moment. "I can almost see it...this dream I'm dreamin'..." shall I go on??? Yep....the song I was clutching to as my theme song of the moment was "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus. I can't believe I just admitted to having a Miley Cyrus song on my ipod....judge me all you want but I'm owning it! The song is motivating and I like it. That is all I have to say about :)

Check in went fairly well weight was 0.6 lbs higher than last week but I know it's due to the fact that TOM is here. So, I wasn't freaking out...too much...when I saw the number that popped up. Pictures were done by my fill-in photographer aka my daughter since my hubby was off fighting fires. They're not fantastic and lil blurry but they got the job done. I'm not posting them here but may take some mid-week and share. Diet and training will remain the same...cardio in the morning has increased in time by a small amount. All in all, nothing that I can't handle!

I've been going back and forth about purchasing a new suit for this next show. I would really love to rock an orange or gold suit but let's be honest, I'm a brown-skinned girl...those colors may not work for this particular skin tone :) Anyway, I don't hate my suit from my last show. In fact, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it but it needs some modifications. This is where Superwoman aka my mom comes in. My mom stoned my last suit for me and since she has fantastic sewing skills, I thought she might be able to make the necessary modifications to my suit and that would allow me to spend the money on other competition costs. Picture my mom, hubby, and I in my mom's craft room this afternoon....I'm wearing a tank top and sparkly bikini mom & hubby are pulling at fabric, pinning here, snipping here....and I keep complaining about the fact that my butt is hangin' out....good times! I trust my mom completely and I know it will all work out. If it doesn't, I'll just go to Plan B.

I leave you with a photo of my hubby and I having our own "gun show"...mine aren't bigger than his...but maybe soon ;)


  1. Ha ha ha! How cute! All your assistants helping you out. The purple looks beautiful on you and I think you have a great complexion for so many colors, but the purple is working for you on the stage!!

  2. The purple color is very flattering on you! And your bi's look huge! Keep up the great work!